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Welcome to the Exodus of Elune Guild page.   We are a casual raiding 10 man guild looking to expand toward end content in Cataclysm.  All are welcome, anyone interested in raiding, please fill out an application. If not intrested in raiding, have no fear! We are also looking for people who like to have a good time and enjoy other things such as PvP , achievements, running 5 mans.

Totus vestri castrum es nostrum possessia!
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Coming soon...

phractalExodus, Feb 24, 11 12:26 PM.
Patch 4.1 hitting PTR.....ZA and ZG coming back as new level 85 Heroic 5mans! dropping Purples!!!

Defense System is no more!

Deedeath, Feb 22, 11 3:23 PM.
Right after we got the double dragons down we shot over to BWD and decided to get these robots out of the way. Job well done everyone.

Double Dragons down!!

Deedeath, Feb 20, 11 9:34 PM.
Got Valiona and Theralion down on the first attempt tonight. Very good job to all who were there.

Halfus down!

Deedeath, Feb 16, 11 10:29 PM.
Well we first downed halfus last week but the screenshot this week but hey whatever. Also we downed magmaw which has us at 2/12 so far for raids. Working in Val and Ther now. Attempts looking really good!

Cat Raid Progress

phractalExodus, Feb 16, 11 4:51 PM.
Grats to all who participated in the impromptu Magmaw fight last night. 

We are now 2/12 in Cat Raids....I'm thinking we should have Halfus down again this week, and I'm thinking we got a real good shot at Double dragons.
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